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We have a collection of 6 Car quotes from Richard Hammond

"Now, personally, I like a car with some sort of character." (ID 15316)

"I mostly drive around in a Fiat 500 TwinAir, and that's a pretty small car!" (ID 15317)

"The easiest and simplest thing that any one can do to make their car safer, more gas efficient, whatever - check the tire pressure." (ID 15318)

"My first car was a 1976 Toyota Corolla Liftback in red, like the one in 'The Blues Brothers.' I painted a Union Jack on the roof. I was absolutely in love with it until I destroyed it, which broke my heart!" (ID 15319)

"I've been in a car three or four times when it filled with water and it's not a comfortable feeling." (ID 15321)

"It's not just the kid who's spent every penny from his job to upgrade his car to tell the world he cares about sports cars, it's also the person driving around in a fuel-conscious hybrid electric car, because it's more a message to the world than an effective means of saving fuel, to be quite honest." (ID 15322)

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